Monday, December 17, 2012

Kitchen Table

It's about time I showcased some of my husband's woodworking. The last few years, he's been turning another person's garbage into beautiful furniture for our home. Let's take our kitchen table for example. He found a white rectangular table on the side of the road one day, brought it into his woodshop in the basement, did some re-configuring (sanding, cutting, replacing the legs with sturdier 4x4's that he probably found on another nearby street) and, voilĂ !

But that's just the beginning. It needed some paint. 

After looking at the November issue of the Martha Stewart magazine that featured some "Bright Ideas," we were inspired to try out a bright blue.

photo from
I really liked how it turned out! But what do you think about doing something with the top of the table? At first, we were thinking about painting a tile pattern on top of the table, but now we are second guessing that. Or should we paint some sort of design on the tops of the stools? Which, by the way, are old stools from a school's woodshop that Tim cut to a shorter size to fit our table. Resourceful guy, don't you think? :)

What do you think? Do more? Or leave as is?

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