Monday, September 10, 2012

Places to Visit: Chicago

Saturday, Tim and I ventured downtown Chicago to dance in the park. All summer in Grant Park, they have free dance lessons. A few nights a week, a different type of dance is taught - Saturday was supposed to be Samba dancing. I was really looking forward to it! And I wish I could tell you all about it, but, I can't believe I'm admitting this, we couldn't find it. There was a wine festival going on in Grant Park, but no dancing to be seen or Samba music to be heard. We did see two people in Brazil jerseys who also looked confused - maybe they were hoping to dance too?

Instead, we went over to Millennium Park to listen to the Lyric Opera perform - another great option. We listened for a little, but, unlike everyone else, we did not bring a picnic, and we were hungry. So, naturally, we went to Magnolia Bakery for a piece of cake. Although it had been on my list of places to visit for a while, it was our first time there. We decided to try a piece of pistachio cake. The cake itself was really good! The frosting was a bit oily tasting, not horrible, but not my favorite. The shop was also a little too big to be cute, in my mind. But the cupcakes and cakes all looked amazing! Next on my list to try: caramel, red velvet, hummingbird... maybe everything!

Once dessert was finished, we walked over to XOCO to grab some dinner. It's one of a few restaurants in Chicago by Rick Bayless. Have you ever seen his show? - quirky but great, I'm a fan. I like that he cares about where the food he uses in his restaurants comes from and how it was grown. If you go, I highly recommend trying the Coctel Rojo- shrimp and avocado goodness!

So, even though we found no one dancing in the park, which I'm still a little sad about, we had a great night in Chicago! What a great place!

What do you like to do in Chicago? Any suggestions for our next trip downtown?


  1. Hey Lindsay,

    In case you want to dance again, the Summer Dance Party is on Michigan Avenue between Harrison and Balboa. There's a little promenade there with a stage and whatnot. Sounds like you had a great time regardless ... one of my friends was singing in the concert you saw. I've been meaning to go to Magnolia but haven't yet ... maybe I will now. Pistachio cake sounds amazing.

    I have a million suggestions for downtown, but I'll narrow it to one, which is actually in Pilsen. There is a really awesome Italian restaurant (in Pilsen? Yes, Pilsen.) that makes everything in house. Also, it's BYOB so it's super affordable. It's called Ciao Amore Whatever you do, order the gnocci. You will not regret it. (We usually eat family style.)



    1. Thanks for the suggestion, Carrie! We'll have to try it out. Feel free to keep sending suggestions our way.

      So bummed to hear that we were so close to Summer Dance but didn't find it! I'm putting it on my list of things to do next summer.

  2. Anonymous9/19/2012

    Sounds like Chicago is the place to be in the summer! Good thing I live close enough to try it out!