Monday, June 25, 2012

Wedding Season

It started with coming up with a gift for our friends who were getting married. I found a french press on their registry and was excited that I could use a coupon and a gift card, plus I just think there's something romantic about a french press. But I didn't want to stop there since, you know, these are good friends and just getting something off their registry felt a little impersonal. And then I remembered a Martha Stewart tutorial (can you tell I'm a fan?) for making a french press cozy. This felt like a great way to add a personal touch. But rather than just using plain gingham fabric, as in the tutorial, isn't it even better to cross-stitch the couple's new monogram on the cozy? The answer is always yes.

The actual construction was pretty straight forward and pretty fun! I was a little concerned about how the quilting lines would look with the cross-stitched bits but I think it turned out fine.

And of course you have to use coordinating ribbon for the ties in the back. I got this at Michaels, along with a compliment from the cashier on my "really cool" but actually completely ordinary t-shirt.

And while we're at it, why not draw a cross-stitch heart on the card? This pack of cards makes my list of top-ten purchases of all time. They are so handy for people like me who allllllways forget to buy a card. Or at least try to buy a card but are disgusted by both the price and lack of cuteness. But this pack of cards saves the day every time. Their blankness makes them so versatile! And yes, I am a sucker for stripes on anything, but especially the lining of an envelope.

I sort of ran with this yellow/black/white theme. I think it's nice when the wrapping complements the gift. Or maybe I overthink things. But there you have it! A wedding gift in a season of many more wedding gifts. I think I'll use this idea again. What's your idea of a good wedding gift?

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