Monday, October 1, 2012

The Best Time of the Week

Do you have a favorite time of the week? Or, perhaps you have a weekly activity you look forward to?

I've come to really enjoy Saturday mornings. Whether it's sleeping in, perusing blogs and magazines, or having a delicious breakfast; I always try to "reserve" that time for something that will truly refresh me after the week. With that in mind, I thought I would share with you some of my recent Saturday mornings...

For a visit with Lindsay and Tim, we had almond pancakes a la Giada; a frittata made with onion, a variety of peppers, and fontina cheese; and bacon from Goose the Market, a specialty food market local to Indy. Of course Karl made some delicious lattes as well!  

Another lovely Saturday morning, I made buttermilk scones for the first time! I previously had only made scones with cream or sour cream. I was glad to find the recipe in a random collection that I've saved throughout the years. These raspberry scones (below left) were delicious accompanied by a spot of Harney and Sons Paris tea!

Not wanting to waste a ripe banana, this week I made the ever classic banana muffin (above right). You can never go wrong with those - especially when you have a great magazine to read!
Whatever it is that truly refreshes and inspires you, I hope that you are able to intentionally set aside time to do it!

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  1. All of those breakfasts look amazing, janelle! I agree, Saturday mornings are the best.